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A thought while reading

“…the only question remaining is whether My messages will be heeded. Most of My messages are not. Some, because they seem too good to be true. Others, because they seem too difficult to follow. Many, because they are simply misunderstood. Most, because they are not received. My most powerful messenger is experience, and even this you ignore. Especially this you ignore.” This extract is, interestingly, from ‘Conversations With God’, written by Neale Donald Walsch. Interestingly, because God seems to be the one caught in the tug-of-war.

The past many years have seen a sharp rise in religious intolerance and conflicts around the world, be it the persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar, or the violent outbreaks between Christians and Muslims in Africa, of the recent increasing spurts(seemingly) of Hindu-Muslim violence in India. We may have made our peace with it as long as we aren’t the victims, but the undercurrent is a barefaced wolf.

There is presently a sharp contrast between what we perceive and what is bulldozed onto us. We exist in a post-truth society where emotions and the unbodied are of significantly more consequence than logic and reasoning. Everyone caters to feelings- either of others or the self. This is threshold of logical thinking. You decide if you want to give it a try, or go with burst of sentiments and persuasions. And it is precisely this moment of indecision that is manipulated by engineered doctrines of religious sects for their insidious means. How much ever people claim that we must grow beyond castes and religions, most of them are only skin-deep articulations and nothing more. Religion and caste are iron-clad in most of humankind. It is this potent emotion that is exploited by not just the victims of the technological boom, but also by the easily susceptible and the masked men of means. This is why a Ram Rajya became inevitable in a secular India. This is the fight of a religion which feels perilled by time and space. This is not the culmination, but rather only the beginning if not contained immediately. 

The economic crisis and simple logic are not even discussed. Remember!