Indian Coffee House- Self Reflection

I noticed this cartoon of the Indian Coffee House with a cute caption sometime in February. It brought back memories of some of the best times I spent in there with my lover. The hot masala dosas and coffee were my favorite as always. The bustling that was for a change, soothing, and the different aromas. The normal branches to the spiraling towerheads. The secret getaways to the oh-so-what casual brunches. The Indian Coffee House has seen it all from our end.

Talking about ends, what hasn’t the Indian coffee house seen! Born out of the grand geopolitics that excluded the natives to coffee that flourished in Chennai (then Madras) and Kolkata (Calcutta), the India Coffee House gave way to the Indian Coffee House in 1957, now run by 13 co-operative societies affiliated to All India Coffee Workers’ Co- operative Societies Federation. And now for over a decade above it’s golden jubilee, the Indian Coffee House has catered to the tastes of the tongues and hearts. It has seen numerous political discussions, both wise and haphazard decisions taken, the wanderlust wayfarers, the rushing workers gulping down their breakfasts, the unassuming couples, the occasional dreamers, the exhausted families with uncontrollable kids, and what not. It has an interesting time travel that has woven itself into the heralds of history.

The Indian coffee house has forever been a nostalgic memory for me. Sitting in one of the tables and swilling in the world around, I find myself feeling smiling at all the emotions hanging in the air. Every one who walks through the doors are high in anticipation. This coffee house has to it a certain magic that pulls in more of the self-reflecting crowd than any other food chain in this country. However, looking at it now, I see that with the boom in the hotel industry, the indian coffee house is slowly taking the backseat in it’s journey. The awe for the seeming luxuries have pulled crowds to different directions. Well, the varied tastes in food too

I’ve asked my man to take me to one of the Indian coffee houses sometime again, without the kids. Just to reminiscence. Just to look into his eyes and see what else flows from this heart…

8 thoughts on “Indian Coffee House- Self Reflection

  1. Indian Coffee House – I went here two years back and it still has that old world charm. I was amazed to see that there were very few people there on a Saturday. Loved the coffee though. The illustration has captured the place so well.

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  2. It reminded me of those childhood days when I used to visit this unique eatery with my family after long shopping days..!! I still remember the waiters costumes..which gives us a royal feeling ☺️Good one friend 👍🏻

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  3. Each time I visit the Indian coffee house, it’s a trip worth to remember. Whenever we are on vacation in India, we usually stop by the coffee house in the morning before we begin the day. I love the service, it’s very authentic and hospitable. I love how the servers wear that white uniform, it give royal touch to the place. The dosas are so crispy and the masala inside is mouth watering. The chutney and Sambar is amazing. I love pouring it both inside my plate and just mixing it together. We end the meal with a nice sweet chai. It really helps to savor the spice of the masala. When I was a kid, I was always get excited when they give us a treat of peda or jeera before leaving.

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