A classic case

Of the trickle

Finding a fissure

To vent

Till the colossal hit

The conscience

Of the unassuming

The impeccable

The ennobled motherhood

The staunch feminists.


The messy history

Of a woman

Wielding poison

In her waistband

And status


To usurp

A scathing milieu

Barely laced



Countless whys

Superfluous digital ink

Operating the human psyche

Possibilities creating possibilities

Newer questions

Feeble answers

Stories gone haywire

All while she sits

Concocting new rides

Into our brains


Celebration’s over

The local is legend

An exciting bedtime story

A palm to rest the chin

And probe

Into why she killed

Phasing out

The details


And murders.


Nisha Arudra