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CARBON- Ashes and Diamonds.  (A Film Perspective)

The same element that in its crude form is most unattractive is the same one that holds the highest value when refined. Human psychology is no different. The path from the crude to the refined is a formidable one, but ultimately worth it’s salt. However, sometimes it is the coal that outshines the diamond. What matters is what the heart yearns for, what it searches for. 
‘Carbon’ is one such film. It is not your average film with a telescopic family plot, nor is it tailor-made to suit social or cultural obligations. The whole film can probably be summed up in a single sentence and bottled up for good… if all you are looking for is a cornerstone of visual art. 
The quintessence of ‘Carbon’ lies in the intricate craft with which the characters were moulded to symbolise the various facets of life. Each actor has done justice to their roles, sending us back to the reels of our own past. It is notable that the portrayal of roles wasn’t overdone and was as natural as could be. The scenic places in the second half of the movie were a visual treat. The second half may be perceived as slightly lagging by many, but I felt that the heartstrings of the movie lay in this stretch, as we see the protagonist’s painful transformation as he gets nearer to his treasure. The treasure in itself could be symbolic. Tracing through the hallucinations ‘Siby’ goes through, the final treasure could simply mean that he has obtained ‘realisation’, or rather, he has finally found himself. 

Also, for once, I felt extremely happy to note that the female lead in the movie was not sexualized to entertain the viewers. She was a prefect and wise companion to Siby, one who walked away when she had nothing more to contribute. If he had to find his calling, he had to to do it himself. Yet, her sharp senses was what finally led him to his destination. 
In a sense, this is a director’s movie. It was the characters, and not the actors that made impact. This is not a movie that’ll have you applauding in exhilaration in the end. This is a movie, the true worth of which will take days to sink in. It is here where the title ‘Carbon’ attains it’s actual magnitude- either as the basic element of life, or as it’s reflection in various hues. It is a psychological gamble that will leave most of us scrambling for closure. But if you are ready to delve in deeper, then there’ll be something in it for each one of us. 

 – Nisha Prabhakar


Daivame Kaithozham K.kumarakanam – A Film Perspective

A ‘sham’ of a movie!! Daivame Kaithozham K. Kum
We, Sanu Sugathan and me, were an unsuspecting couple yesterday when we decided to shed some stress at a theatre in Shoranur. The fact that it was a Jayaram and Nedumudi Venu starrer led us to believe that there’d be minimum guarantee. And yes, why not test the ambit of Salim Kumar??
But the initial scenes itself had us cursing our impromptu gamble. While various sites called it comedy, drama, satire and the likes, the film hardly fit into any of these categories. The over-expressive characters were fit for a stage-theatre where extremities are required to send the picture across the minds of the audience. 

But Daivame Kaithozham K.Kumar Akanam is an abuse to socially satirical films. It isnt even a farce. What it actually is is a desperate attempt by a few actors to hold on to a non-existent niche in the shifting panorama of Malayalam cinema. The scarcity of stories and the battle of veteran actors to hold on to their days of glory is evident in instances as these. Rather than create Impressions by assimilating the present trends with the vintage days, films like Daivame Kaithozham K Kumarakanam impose the current social issues in a allegedly satirical manner upon the audience, scraping bits and pieces from heterogeneous terrains. 
This isn’t a criticism. Because this disheartening visual exhibition doesn’t even deserve one. When we finally accepted defeat well before the intermission, all we had in our minds was ദൈവമേ കൈതൊഴാം ഇനിയീ വിധി വരുത്തരുതേ!!

……നടൻ സലിം കുമാറിനോട് ബഹുമാനമുണ്ടായിരുന്നു…ദേ ഇന്നലെ വരെ.

– Nisha Prabhakar


It’s never too late

I Wear Black

I wear black

In protest of life,

A farce mocking

At my defeated face,

Damning my dreams

Down the shredder

Shaming my soul

In worthless waits.

I wear black

In protest of life,

A wretched sedative

Searing down my spine,

Unmindful of my eyes

Blurry in pain

Unmindful of my cries

Caught in vain.

I wear black

In protest of life,

Wading the shambles

Of my seismic shift,

Picking the rags

The bare remains

Silently savouring

The last laugh.

– Nisha Prabhakar

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A few minutes 

of lustful drunkenness

Was what it took you

To douse my fire, blow my flame,

Discarding me in desperate search

For closure, in the screeching dark,


And wet
– Nisha Prabhakar

Souvenir -13

It started beating out of the blue

It’ll end beating only for you. 
-Nisha Prabhakar 

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