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Musings from a Rainy Afternoon

I’m deceitful enough to believe you’re no one’s but mine

But then you are

When you pour down in all your fury

I see no one but you

And I know you drench no one but me.


I’m deceitful enough to believe our love story is one of it’s kind

And it is

When we are together nothing else matters

I have you and you have me

And we have our endless stories.


I’m deceitful enough to say I’ll love you in my own terms

Sometimes making you beat relentlessly

On the forte of glass I’ve built

And sometimes simply walking into you

Letting you have your way with me.


I’m deceitful enough to believe I care less when you walk away

Even when I burn inside

Knowing how enslaved I am

To your beauty sometimes vicious

Sometimes divine.


I’m deceitful, and I don’t care

For when you come, you come for me

And sketch a fantasy of eternity

Of us forever holding our hands

And watching the world go by.


Nisha Arudra


Too Late

Should she have held you in open palms

So the wind could blow you away,

Or should she have had you in her fists clenched

So you could slip between her fingers?

Too late she wished her palms were open

Then she would have had the wind to blame

**********************************Nisha Arudra


Fear of spiders

Fear of rats

Fear of the dark

Fear of ghosts

Fear of choices

Fear of failing

Fear of money

Fear of possessions

Fear of risks

Fear of reprimands

Fear of your voice

Fear of the image

Fear of standing up

Fear of holding on

Fear of leaving

Fear of letting go

Fear of the future

Fear of life

**********************Nisha Arudra

There was a flame that wished

the match never met it’s spark,

The darkness spelled hope

Now all light is lost.

****************************-Nisha Arudra

When Charred Wombs Vote

It wasn’t dark
In or out
When their legs were forced apart
Justice was done to neither
The victim or the perpetrator
Or to tainted scripted sex.

Humbled before vengeance
And their own religion
The battle began long before it was written.

Mushed courtrooms scathed behind their bloodied bosom
Wombs lay abandoned somewhere
Which one whose they hardly cared
Numbers unmet
Hasty pyres gulped their bread.

We chose not to dwell
Frozen time bites.

We forgot
Till that blindfold dropped and tagged a price
On their buried and burnt flesh
Somehow, all that time religiously begging
And eyeing their creases
For a vote, a chance to rule, once or again.

The farce played over
And it still isn’t dark
In or out
The symbols are many
But to them whose stomachs were sliced
Vaginas bored, breasts slit
Every ballot paper read the same


– Nisha Arudra

Ilustratii – Broken Promise

(The brook flows before her, tinkling under the calm night sky.)

Speranta: I cannot bear your absence

Memories: I’ll never abandon you no matter what!

Speranta: All I can think of is that you’ve left me. All I can think of is that everyday will be this day now. Days without you.

Memories: I need you. Only you. I’ll fight for you till my last breath

Speranta: Back then I always knew where you were and what you were doing. Do you know where am I now, my dear?

Memories: My time is yours. And yours mine.

Speranta: My love, where are you?!

Memories: ……….

(Her heart breaks into a million pieces. Not for her loss, but for him whom she sensed beside her.)

Speranta: How long has it been? How did you find me?

Dragoste: I never left you. I couldn’t.

Speranta: But you have promises to keep.

Dragoste: None greater than the one I gave you.

Speranta: One promise has to be broken. Once upon a time, you chose to break the one between us.

Dragoste: And it broke me. Because all I wanted was you. And all I still want is you.

Speranta: One promise has to be broken. And even now, the one between us is the only one that can be broken.

Dragoste: I love you.

Speranta: It scalds me now.

(She walks away, life draining out of her, leaving her life behind her)



I float, unknown,

By the sudden stillness.
The light evading
Wind-pecked voids
Your eyes dodging
My obsessive abyss,
Unnerved still
By the heat
Scalding my face,
My body, my veins,
My being
And me.

——————Nisha Prabhakar


I am raving mad

At nights, when you swoop down

On my sleep from the dismal chill

Of delusions

When I walk down the souvenirs

Of abandonment

An unnerving iciness

Creeping through my spine.


I hear the frothy laughter

Of the Id

The disquiet tuning it’s trumpet

From across the forbidden lands

And forbidden love

Blowing softly in the wind

The tunes of hers owned

And my desire

To die for.


I know I am raving mad

When I embrace this soulless night

For the wishful firefly

And yet I do

With the spectres

Of a begone tale

And undying hope

That’ll never leave my side.

********************************Nisha Prabhakar***

Painting Life – Dr.Biju

‘Painting Life’ is what you’d call a serene film. One that is set in a remote but picturesque Himalayan village away from the presence of modern technology, mobile towers or luxuries, and at the mercy of nature for travel and transport.
The film takes you through fairy tale colours, painting an exotic picture of the real and bare truths. It surrounds a team of bollywood filmmakers who reach the village for a shoot, partly by air and the rest by road. As they await the rest of the crew, a landslide leaves them isolated and cuts off their final hope of connection with the outside world when they realize that not only their electricity, but also their landline has failed. This is in stark contrast to breckneck life they have been leading with their projects and gadgets. What follows is primarily the transformation that the filmmaker goes through, helped by another woman who lives in the adjoining room with her husband.

‘Painting Life’ does not offer anything new in terms of its theme or rendition. In fact, the human touch perspectives in certain places are one of those old hat tricks common to these genre of films. But the film does do justice to its title name, and to those who’d like a getaway, an exotic location.

#Dialogue #International Film Festival

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